Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It Feels Like Spring!

It is so beautiful outside...It feels and looks like Spring! Which makes me feel alive, invigorated and carefree. I love spring. I love everything about it...sunshine, blue skies and courageous crocus.

Spring reminds me of a new beginning. I can begin again - I can re-create myself in any way. I feel empowered to re-create my physical body from the inside out. I am so excited! I am really good at watching what I eat, except on the weekends (see previous blog post). I am much better at finding time to exercise and it feels so good. My heart monitor helps me stay within my exercising heart rate and I feel good- not exhausted when I'm finished. Yesterday I walked for 60 minutes on my treadmill. I listened to a book on tape and found it relaxing and invigorating at the same time. I really don't care about losing a lot of weight. It is more important to me to have cardiovascular endurance. I am losing some body fat- although that is hard to measure and hard to see the results. I really want to lose the rolls on my tummy. I can't wait to bend over and not feel my tummy pop over the waist on my jeans. I also want to get rid of the muffin tops on my back side. Those not so little 'puffy things' that sit on top of my jeans...

My husband loves my muffin tops but I could easily do without them. Speaking of my husband, Randy has started exercising more consistently and is watching what he eats a bit more. Actually, I think my entire family is being a bit more conscientious. Randy and my son Dallin (14) workout with weights almost everyday. They rotate muscle groups each day and are looking good. Dallin's body type is lean so his muscle definition is easily seen. Randy on the other hand is more stocky and solid. I'm sure, given time and exercise, we will see his muscle definition too. He is working on his diet. He is still not convinced that an appropriate portion size of pasta is 1/2 cup...but I'm still working with him. :)

Speaking of family- let me tell you about me and my family. I am 52 years old- but I feel like I am 22! I feel so young inside it is a mystery to me that the calendar says 52. I have 5 Kelly Kids. 4 boys and 1 girl. My daughter, is 25 then I have 3 sons...22, 19 & 14. (my oldest son, Cole died 5 years ago ) Six years ago, I married the love of my life- Randy. He is a gem! He fits perfectly...we love him & he loves us! We love being active- golf, tennis, ping pong (winter tennis), bike riding, walking, hiking. We love being outside and doing fun things.

I am an inspirational & motivational keynote speaker and trainer. I own my own business and work from my home office. I love what I do and I feel so blessed to have positively influenced, inspired and helped 1000's of people. I am living my dream.

Being in this 100 day challenge has reminded me how difficult it is to change behavior that I have been doing for a long time- the very thing I try to inspire people to do. I am learning and re-learning principles that are necessary to make lasting positive changes in my life. I am looking forward to sharing my story with my audiences.

Well, its time to put dinner together for my family. I am doing wonderfully! I am inspired and encouraged by the success of others. A few weeks ago, after our nutition class- one of the ladies said, "I don't really care how much I lose. I don't care if I win first place. I'm just so happy to be doing something good for my body. When its over, 'We're all WINNERS!'"

I agreed wholeheartedly!

Until next time,
Keeping smiling, Think SPRING, & Think Happy Thoughts
Love ya'

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekends are Wild!

The weekends are the hardest for me to keep to my plan. Everyone is home and they eat anything and everything they want. I realized on Saturday - watching my boys and husband eat whatever they wanted and whenever they wanted lowered my resistance. On weekdays no one is home during the day so I have no trouble staying focused. But the weekends are wild! My family wants to order pizza, drink pop and pop popcorn! I love pizza, pop & popcorn! It takes a HUGE amount of will power for me to eat a 4 x 3 inch slice of pizza, drink water and pass on the buttered popcorn and eat plain popcorn- and measure it too boot!

Exercising is hard for me to fit in on the weekends. I have so many things I want to do- run errands, clean up and visit with my family. Yesterday at 8pm I realized I hadn't exercised- as I was getting dressed my son called, "Mom, do you want to go to the Ballroom dancing competition at BYU- I have an extra ticket?" I love ballroom dancing! Without giving exercise a second thought I said, "YES!"

Today, I am going to work a little longer than normal to make up for my wild weekend! I love thinking about my heart getting stronger and my body getting leaner. I know every little bit helps! I am encouraged by the scale...I have lost around 8 pounds. My clothes fit better but most important I feel better! This week I am adding yoga to my routine. I want to improve my flexibility. As summer appoaches I am looking forward to playing golf. I have a feeling my body will flow better which can't help but improve my swing and my game. I also love tennis. My heart will be stronger and I will be stronger. I'm going to start working on my backhand. As a family we love playing tennis- we always have a fun time.

As I close, I am reminded of the words, my 84 year old friend Cyntha told me last year. She said, "Our bodies are meant to MOVE." Cyntha spent her life teaching Physical Education classes at BYU. Her words and her example are an inspiration to me. At 84 she is lean, active and fiesty- everything I strive to be!

Until next time...
MOVE your body, eat lots of fruit & vegetables and think happy thoughts

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Starting Over...

Last weekend I was sick. It started on Thursday mid-day until Sunday afternoon. I didn't have trouble counting calories because the only things I ate were soda crackers and a little ginger ale. Most of the time I wasn't hungry or I didn't dare eat- just in case it wanted to come back up. By Monday morning I was feeling ok...but not completely happy optimistic self. I got on my treadmill in late afternoon...I walked at a reasonable pace but definitely not normal...I was quite surprised when my heart rate went up with very little effort. (by the way, I love my heart monitor) I was sweating profusely and tuckered out quickly. I was slightly discouraged. It was like starting over!

Now its Thursday and I have exercised every day...I can eat what I want and it is getting easier again. Yesterday I even RAN for about 6 mins on the treadmill- not all at once mind you- but nonetheless I RAN on the treadmill. If you can't tell that is a BIG deal for me! I know I am getting stronger...I am going to look so good in my swimsuit this summer. I won't hide behind a towel.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to begin again. This jump start is just what I needed to make myself do something I have been meaning to do for months. I am so thankful. I am grateful we are starting slow so I feel successful from the get go! I feel wonderful inside and I am looking better every day on the outside.

I have lost a few pounds- Traci said, "You will probably gain a few pounds this week because you are probably dehydrated from being sick." Losing weight would be nice but the most important thing to me is getting my heart strong and losing body fat. I want to run and not be weary. And I want to be a lean machine.
Until next time-
Think Happy Thoughts, Keeping Moving & Eat Less

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's week three! I'm doing great!

I plan my entire week around my exercise sessions. I schedule all my appointments around my exercise schedule. I know if I don't plan my exercise time -it won't get done. I work at home so it is easy for me to get caught up in my work and forget about going out to the gym to exercise or just going upstairs to walk on my treadmill. I bought a heart monitor so I can exercise at the right level even at home.

I was at bit concerned about 'counting calories'. It's not as hard as I thought it would be. Actually it is kind of fun to see how much food I can actually eat AND still stay within my alloted amount of calories. I am more aware of what I eat- I eat lots of fruits & vegetables cause they fill me up and don't have lots of calories.

My goal is to increase my cardiovascular endurance- meaning being able to play tennis and not gasp for air. Ride my bike uphill without stopping and walking it up the hill. I also want to reduce my body fat. I want to be a lean, mean machine...well maybe not mean but definitely lean!